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History Channel Online Course

About the Course

HISTORY® Channel and The University of Oklahoma have teamed up to create a unique, interactive online course. It examines the defining moments in American History since The Civil War. Students will debate and discuss post-Civil War America and connect with people around the globe on an immersive and collaborative social platform, Janux. The course combines video lectures with readings, quizzes, discussions, and essays. Video lectures have been professionally produced and include rich, multi-media assets from HISTORY® Channel that truly bring history to life. The course has been instructionally designed to meet academic standards and is accredited by The University of Oklahoma, known for its academic excellence since 1890.

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Two Ways to Enroll

$449$500Save 10%

Earn College Credit

Best for College Students not currently enrolled at OU, High School Students, and Professional Development

This option is open to anyone who is interested in completing this course for transcripted transferable credit. College students and high school students may be most interested in this option.
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$149$250Save 40%

Just for Fun

Best for Lifelong Learners

This option is prime for lifelong learners interested in participating in the course, but not interested in grades or transcripted credit.

Enrollment is ClosedEnrollment is Closed
Steve Gillon

Steve Gillon

Professor of History at The University of Oklahoma
Scholar-in-Residence at The History Channel
Learn more about Steve Gillon
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About Janux

Preview the Platform

HISTORY Channel Presents: United States, 1865 to Present Brought to You by The University of Oklahoma is taught on Janux, an interactive learning platform that takes online learning to the next level. Get a preview of what this course will be like on Janux, and learn more about the Janux Interactive Learning Community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this class transfer to my university?

OU courses available for credit are transferable to other institutions. Transfer of credit is always up to the receiving institution; however, during your discussion with the institution about transferring credits, you can inform the institution that The University of Oklahoma is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. For more information on transferring credit, please see this guide.

What is Janux?

Janux is an interactive learning community created in partnership between Oklahoma technology leader NextThought and The University of Oklahoma. Janux pioneers the field of social learning and is the first of its kind in open courseware. With Janux, students are able to use interactive learning tools and collaborate with other students and professors in real time. Videos, exams, quizzes, and other learning resources are integrated in an online space. For more information, visit Janux.ou.edu.

Is there a textbook for this class?

Yes, there is an electronic textbook for the class, and it is provided free of charge within the course materials in Janux.

What is the price for this class?

There are two price options for this course. Both options take full advantage of the Janux platform, which uses social engagement, videos, discussions, and more to support community learning.

$449 for credit - Any student around the world can take this course for three hours of credit from The University of Oklahoma, which is transferable to another institution. Students will take quizzes and participate in discussions for graded and transcripted credit. This price point is a very low cost to students interested in modern United States history.

$149 just for fun – Anyone around the world can participate in the class without concern for grades or tests.

If I’m an OU student, what does this course cost?

Specific information for OU students and Concurrent Enrollment High School students can be found here.

If I’m a high school student can I get college credit for this course?

Upon successful completion of the course (for-credit option), you will receive credit from The University of Oklahoma and can request a transcript for official record of credit. In order to transfer this credit to another institution, the receiving institution will review this course and determine if it will transfer. Save the course syllabus and information about the course in order to take to the receiving institution for review.

Oklahoma High School Students can apply for concurrent enrollment. For more information about this visit how to enroll.

Can I take this course if I’m a middle school student?

Due to the college caliber of this course, we do not recommend the for-credit version of this course ($449 version) for:

  • Anyone not yet prepared for college courses
  • Students who are not yet in high school
  • Anyone who is not able to dedicate the time and effort needed in order to complete the course

For students who may not be prepared to take this course for credit, we recommend signing up for the just-for-fun version of the course for $149.

What is HISTORY Channel's involvement with education?

HISTORY Channel’s extensive reach in the education space includes partnerships with prestigious history education organizations, such as the Library of Congress, the National Archives, National History Day, the American Historical Association, the Organization of American Historians and museums, including the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. HISTORY Channel’s award-winning educational initiatives reach a network of more than 350,000 educators, and the network’s short-form videos are featured in over 70 historic sites including Gettysburg, Pearl Harbor, and the Tower of London.

HISTORY Channel has teamed up with The University of Oklahoma, which is known for high standards of academic excellence, to develop and distribute this online history course.

Why did The University of Oklahoma partner with HISTORY Channel?

Experts in the fields of academics and history, respectively, The University of Oklahoma and HISTORY Channel are two incredibly strong brands. This partnership combines the academic rigor of an OU course with the quality of a HISTORY Channel production.

Who teaches this course?

Steve Gillon, professor of history at The University of Oklahoma and Scholar-in-Residence of HISTORY Channel, teaches this course. Gillon has written numerous books and articles on modern American politics and culture. From 1998-2006, he anchored HISTORY Channel's Sunday morning current events program HistoryCENTER. In 2006-07 he hosted HISTORY Channel's series Our Generation.

When does this course meet?

This course does not have a formal meeting time. The Janux platform allows students to experience the material on their own schedule throughout the week. Lecture videos are short (about 10 minutes each), and time spent on the course will vary.

How do I enroll in this course?

Find more information here on how to enroll.

Can I earn a badge for this class?

Yes. Badges will be available for completing the course. For more information on badge requirements, visit the badge page.

Do I have to have a computer and internet connection to take the course?

Yes, all coursework, interaction with students and the professor, as well as lecture videos require an internet connection.

More questions or technical difficulties?

Contact HistoryChannel@ou.edu for more information.